Top Gun Coaching

Most companies that offer training and coaching programs, for their employees, target their offerings to, either new hires, or to relatively inexperienced employees. A few companies might also offer some training programs that are targeted at either underperforming employees, or at employees with an intermediate level of experience. Very few companies offer training and coaching programs that are targeted at their top performing employees such as Executives, Managers, or Senior Sales Reps.

As a result, top performing employees that desire to improve their overall skills in order to reach an even higher level of performance, typically must seek out such help from outside of their employer. In many cases, they must not only locate a good supplier for this type of assistance, on their own, but they also must pay for these services or programs with their own funds.

Our Top Gun Coaching Services are tailored for each participant based on their individual needs and goals. They are typically used by resources that are already producing at the top, or near the top, for their current role. Their goal is to develop and implement a plan of ongoing personal improvement so that they continue to grow professionally.

These projects typically include the following steps:

  • Each participant defines the performance or development goals that they want to achieve.
  • K&A selects a set of Assessments that apply to the participant's current or targeted role and their development goals
  • The participant completes the selected assessments
  • The participant reviews his/her individual assessment reports
  • K&A conducts an initial session with the participant to help participant understand each report, and understand his/her individual results
  • K&A and participant agree on 1 - 3 development items identified in the reports that will have a positive impact on the participant's current performance.
  • K&A suggests exercises and/or techniques for the participant to experiment with during the course of performing the job.
  • K&A meets with the participant to discuss impact of their recommended changes.
  • When the desired impact form the first set of items has been achieved, the process is repeated for another small set of items.
  • When the desired overall performance level is reached the coaching project is completed.