Options-Using Freight Services

There are several options for using our Freight Management Services:

Option #1:

Staffing an Audit Project
These services can be purchased, either on a turn key project basis (K&A leads and manages the audit), or in a supportive role (the client leads and manages the audit).

Option #2:

Staffing a Request-For-Proposal (RFP) Project
Again, these services can be purchased, either on a turn key project basis, or in a supportive role.

Option #3:

Staffing a Monitoring Project
These services monitor the performance of your current freight carriers after new freight agreements have been negotiated and implemented. These services insure that the targeted savings and the targeted service levels are consistently being achieved. We can also train internal staff to monitor the performance of freight carriers and freight agreements.

Option #4:

Staffing a Benchmark Project
Use our services and freight rating tools to perform a benchmark analysis of your current freight processes or their current freight agreements.

Option #5:

Training Project
Use our services to train internal resources for any of the above listed projects.