Freight RFP Services

Our Strategic Sourcing Initiative Services are targeted for companies that want to reduce their freight expenses by negotiating better rates with their freight carriers.

Our Strategic Sourcing Initiative Services are offered jointly with Wavechange Logistics, and are tailored to each opportunity.

Typical Management Goals
Utilize competent outside consulting services to assist, or manage, the process of defining all freight requirements, requesting proposals, evaluating proposals, selecting freight carriers, and implement agreements with the selected freight carriers in a timely and efficient manner. Secondary goals include defining a targeted savings goal.

Typical Project Scope

  1. Defining and documenting of all freight requirements.
  2. Developing Request for Proposal.
  3. Evaluating vendor responses.
  4. Selecting new freight carriers, and/or new freight carrier agreements.
  5. Implementing the new freight carrier agreements.

Typical Project Schedule
Projects are typically completed in 3-6 months.

Typical Project Approach

  1. Finalize scope, objectives, and goals of project with the Executive Team.
  2. Establish project budget and schedule.
  3. Discuss past business trends, and business plans with the Executive Team.
  4. Review current freight carrier agreements.
  5. Conduct on-site review of customer order fulfillment process.
  6. Conduct on-site review of purchase order management process.
  7. Conduct on-site review of any special freight requirements.
  8. Conduct on-site review of estimating or pricing process.
  9. Conduct on-site review of current freight payment process.
  10. Develop the preliminary Request for Proposal.
  11. Review the preliminary Request for Proposal with the Executive Team.
  12. Develop final Request for Proposal.
  13. Develop recommended list of targeted freight carriers.
  14. Request for Proposal is sent out to all targeted freight carriers.
  15. Freight Carriers provide proposals.
  16. All targeted freight carriers, and their proposals, are evaluated.
  17. Discuss vendor responses with the Executive Team
  18. Negotiations with the selected freight carriers.
  19. Implementation of the new freight carrier agreements.

Typical Project Deliverables

  1. Request for Proposal for satisfying all defined freight requirements.
  2. Recommended list of targeted freight carriers.
  3. Request for Proposals sent out to all targeted freight carriers.
  4. Evaluation of proposals received from targeted freight carriers.
  5. Recommendations for the selected freight carriers.
  6. Negotiate and help implement freight carrier agreements.
  7. Recommendations for compliance and control reporting.