Freight Rating Tools

K&A offers, jointly with Wavechange Logistics, an extensive set of freight management tools.

A summary of these tools include:

  • Small Parcel Rating Engine for FedEx, UPS, DHL & USPS
  • Small Parcel Transit Tool
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL) Rating Engine
  • LTL Transit Tool
  • LTL Classification Tool
  • Truckload (TL) Rating Engine
  • TL Routing & Mileage Tools uses short miles and practical miles
  • Strategic Sourcing Project Management Tools

Rating Engines are used to estimate pricing by carrier, Transit Tools are used to estimate targeted service levels by carrier, and Routing Tools are used to estimate mileage and optimal routing.

Samples of uses for these tools include:

  • Simulating the impact of price increases for core freight services. Each year the major small parcel carriers announce general price increases for the next year. However, these general price increases are not indicative of what the actual impact on individual companies' freight expenses will be for the new year.
  • Simulating the impact of price changes for the growing range of surcharges that freight carriers have implemented. LTL carriers change their fuel surcharges weekly, and small parcel carriers change their fuel surcharges on a monthly basis.
  • Simulating the impact of changing freight carriers, shipping modes, or service levels. This is very useful for determining the optimal shipping mode and service level.
  • Simulating the impact of making changes to carrier agreements. This is an excellent aid for negotiating with carriers.
  • Determining the correct classification for LTL shipments which is very complex and can have a significant impact on pricing.