Freight Management Services

Many companies do not realize how poorly that they manage their current freight expenses. For a summary of the reasons for this management deficiency, see Reasons for Poor Freight Management. If you are not personally familiar with the world of freight management, you should find Glossary of Common Freight Terms helpful. See Freight Management Quiz to determine how well your company is managing its freight expenses.

Our Freight Management Services are targeted for companies that want to significantly reduce their freight expenses and improve their freight management skills and processes. We have established a track record of helping our clients reduce their freight expenses between 10% - 30% per year. These savings are achieved through a combination of helping our clients negotiate better rates with their freight carriers, helping maximize their freight revenue, and by helping them improve their freight management business rules.

Our Freight Management Services are tailored to each opportunity and can include any of the following services.

  • Conducting a Freight Management Audit Project that reviews current freight management processes, and related business rules.
  • Conducting a Strategic Sourcing Initiative that consolidates the use of carriers and maximizes price discounts.
  • Providing on-going monitoring of freight management processes, expenses, and carrier agreements.
  • Providing Consulting and Training Services for the existing internal staff relative to improving their freight management skills.

See Options for Using freight Services for additional information on these offerings..