Executive Coaching

The use of executive "coaches" has become very popular during the past several years. The primary reasons for this growth are due to several factors:

  1. The "rules of engagement" for managing a business have changed radically. Previously companies could take a reasonable amount of time to find and groom new executives, or key managers, before putting them into "live game" situations for performing their roles.
  2. The pace of business has changed radically. In the past, companies could take as much time as they needed to fix key problems, or to satisfy strategic goals, without having these delays cause material consequences on the desired outcome. Operating in today's global economy makes "learning on the job" very risky and very demanding. Additionally, delays of any magnitude can now have devastating consequences on the success of the business.
  3. Overall tolerances for mistakes has been reduced substantially. In today's business environment, success or failure can be determined by "inches" and not by "miles". A delay making a decision, or a mistake staffing a key position, can now have profound consequences on the business.

Our Executive Coaching Services are tailored for each client, and can include any of the following services.

  • Sales and/or marketing coaching for executives that have significant backgrounds in engineering, operations, sales, technical, or financial but have no meaningful prior experiences managing any sales and marketing functions
  • Business owners that have started a business, or recently purchased a business, that lack meaningful prior experiences managing sales, marketing, or general management functions.
  • Personal development coaching for high skilled and/or high performing individuals that want to implement a plan of ongoing personal development
  • Staff planning and management coaching for executives that are great visionaries but who are not as strong at developing the management team and supporting staff that are required to implement their vision.
  • Skilled resources to augment executives that may have the required experiences but lack the required time to allocate to mission critical business issues.
  • Staff development coaching for helping to proactively determine if top individual performers can become effective managers and leaders.
  • Compensation plan coaching for executives that need help developing effective compensation plans.
  • Intervention coaching for dealing with unusual personnel situations, such as very talented employees that have a disruptive impact on the rest of the organization.
  • IT planning coaching for executives that need to dramatically increase sales and improve customer service with the effective use of technology.
  • IT management coaching for executives with no or minimum background for managing IT resources, both internal and external, and IT projects.