Software Use Surveys

As companies grow and expand their use of many categories of business software, many reach a point where they desire to develop a comprehensive IT Plan, or they desire to audit how well their major categories of software are being utilized.

Developing a comprehensive inventory of all current software usage can be a critical element in either the process of developing a long term IT Plan, or conducting an audit of current software usage.

K&A's Software Use Survey Services are designed to develop a complete inventory of all current software usage. These services typically document the following:

  • what major software components are currently being used
  • what employees are using each major software component
  • how much time that each employee uses major software components in a typical work day
  • how well that each employee is currently using major software components
  • what additional software components are required
  • what software training sessions would be helpful for improving the effectiveness of each employee

K&A recommends a two step process for completing a Software Use Survey: 1) All employees, that utilize any software as a normal part of their job, complete an Overview Software Survey, via the Internet. This first survey typically takes 20 - 30 minutes to complete. The responses are used to classify all software users as "light", "intermediate", or "heavy", based on how much time each employee spends using software in a typical work day. 2) Software users that are classified as either "Intermediate" or "Heavy" then complete an additional Detailed Software Survey, via the Internet. This second survey typically takes an additional 20 - 40 minutes to complete. The questions used on these surveys are typically customized for each client.

The survey results are then summarized and used to document the overall software usage, by major category, document overall software license requirements, and document overall software training requirements.

Examples of the major categories of software applications that are typically included in the scope of a Software Use Survey are:

  • Microsoft Applications
  • Enterprise Management Software Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management Applications
  • Engineering Applications
  • Custom Developed Applications
  • Other Purchased 3rd Party Applications