IT Management

Many companies are very challenged to effectively manage the information technology (IT) function within their companies. Companies that do not have internal IT resources usually try to manage the IT function by assigning the responsibility for IT to an executive who typically has no, or a minimum, background or experiences in the management of IT. In many instances this responsibility is assigned to the Controller, or CFO, and sometimes it is even managed by the President, or another key executive.

Other companies that can justify employing full time IT resources on their staff, are not large enough to justify a full time IT Manager so, again, the IT management responsibility falls on an executive with no or minimum experience in the management of IT.

Even companies that are large enough to justify employing a full time IT Manager have a difficult time keeping the position staffed with a competent IT Manager. Effective IT Managers are always in demand, so they are very prone to be offered a new job by other companies with substantially more pay, substantially more responsibility, and/or with more opportunities to learn and implement new technologies.

Many existing IT Managers, who are not in demand, may not up-to-date on current IT technologies and/or current IT management practices. Additionally they may lack the business and management perspective to properly advise the executive team on what technologies should be deployed, and how and when they should be deployed.

Companies in these situations are very handicapped in their ability to effectively deploy IT technology in order to accomplish key business goals and manage key customer service priorities.

Our IT Management Services are targeted for companies that desire to augment their internal IT management skills and experiences, and to improve their ability to 1) develop and manage effective IT plans, 2) develop and mange effective IT budgets, 3) develop and manage effective internal IT staffs or external resources, and/or 4) provide the executive team with effective IT advisory services.

Our IT Management Services are tailored for each client, and can include any of the following services. For a sample profile of K&A's IT Management resources, see Sample K&A Resource.

  • IT Planning Services
  • Part time, or temporary, IT Management Services
  • IT Management Training for the executive responsible for managing the IT function
  • Vendor Management Training for the executive responsible for managing the IT function
  • Development of effective measurement criteria for the management of the IT function and/or the IT staff
  • Project Management Services for strategic projects
  • IT Audit Services
  • Staff Assessment Services
  • Staff Augmentation Services
  • Outsourcing Services