EDI Services

Our EDI Services are offered jointly with The Romans Group, Inc. (TRG), are tailored for each opportunity, and can include any of the following services. In addition to the services outlined below, we also offer Web Based EDI Services for companies than want to avoid/replace the use of a traditional EDI Translator software product and a value added network.

Typical Services used during the initial setup of EDI include:

  • Project and Implementation Planning for the EDI System.
  • Recommendations for selecting EDI Translation Software and a Value Added Network (VAN).
  • Installation and setup of EDI Translation Software.
  • Setup of Enterprise Management Software (TCM and SyteLine only).
  • Mapping and testing of the required EDI transactions, using either Trusted Link for Windows or Sterling Gentran.
  • Custom programming, if required to support certain EDI transactions.
  • Coordination of the testing of the EDI System.
  • Operational training for the appropriate users of EDI System.
  • Coordination of the productive cut-over of the EDI System.

Typical Services used during the ongoing support of EDI include:

  • Upgrading of the EDI Translation Software.
  • Moving EDI Translation Software to a new personal computer.
  • Changing the Value Added Network.
  • Adding or changing the Trading Partners supported.
  • Adding or changing the EDI transactions supported.
  • Operational training for new employees.
  • Testing of the EDI System when the Enterprise Management Software is updated or changed.