EDI Products

Our EDI Products are offered jointly with The Romans Group, Inc. (TRG) and include:

TRG EDI Web Integrator is a software product that provides the ability to utilize a web based EDI service in place of a traditional EDI translator software product and a value added network for the transmission of EDI transactions.

TRG EDI Production Schedule Manager (PSM) is a front end software product that helps companies electronically manage customer commitments received in the form of forecasts (these can also be referred to as production schedules or 830 transactions) and/or just-in-time (JIT) transactions (these can also be referred to as shipping authorizations or 862 transactions) prior to normal ERP processing. These transactions can be received via traditional EDI methods, or by directly accessing Trading Partner or industry based web sites.

Effective use of PSM produces superior results to using traditional management tools, such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Master Production Planning (MPS). Note PSM does not require the use of either MRP or MPS.

PSM offers three levels of application functionality and corresponding ERP interface functionality: Base Option, Intermediate Option, and Advanced Option. See TRG Production Schedule Manager for a complete product overview.