EDI Overview

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic communication of customer order or purchase order information between companies and their customers, or between companies and their suppliers. EDI technology was originally pioneered by the automotive industry and has been available for general use since the 1980's. Over time many other industries have adopted the use of EDI as the EDI technology has matured. If you are not familiar with EDI technology, you will find our Glossary of EDI Terms and Summary of EDI Transactions helpful. For an overall status of the current use of EDI technology see Current Status of EDI.

For companies that receive their customer commitments in the form of forecasts, also referred to as Production Schedules, and/or Shipping Authorizations, also referred to as JIT transactions, instead of in the form of traditional purchase orders, you should also find reviewing Issues Managing Production Schedules to be helpful.

Our EDI Products and Services not only help our clients satisfy their EDI requirements in a timely, cost effective manner, but also help them realize the greatest possible return for the investment they have made in EDI technology. When implemented properly, EDI technology can save a meaningful amount of time and money for not only the companies mandating its use, but also for the companies that respond to these mandates for the support of EDI.

Our EDI Products and Services are helpful for both companies implementing EDI for the first time and companies that have been utilizing EDI for many years. We support traditional EDI implementations and Web based EDI implementations. Our EDI Products and Services are oriented towards helping companies satisfy their EDI requirements with either manual or electronic integration with their Enterprise Management Software.