EDI Offerings

A summary of information our EDI Products & Services include:

General information about EDI technology includes:

  • Samples of our EDI Experiences
  • Current Status Of EDI This information summarizes the current status of the overall use of EDI technology.
  • Glossary of EDI Terms This information is a glossary of commonly used EDI terms. This information is helpful for individuals attempting to gain an understanding of EDI technology.
  • Summary of EDI Transactions This is a summary of commonly used EDI transactions
  • Issues Managing Production Schedules This information applies to companies that receive a significant portion of their customer commitments in the form of forecasts, also referred to as Production Schedule transactions, instead of in the form of traditional purchase orders.

Tool Kit

  • Common EDI Terms
  • Common EDI Transactions
  • Current Status of EDI
  • Issues Managing Production Schedules