Why CRM Systems Fail

Based on K&A's 25+ years of using, and helping clients implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, K&A believes that most companies already own a CRM system but that over 80% of them are not satisfied with the ROI (return on investment) that they received from their investment in their current CRM system.

Here are the top 5 reasons that most companies experience such a low success rate using the CRM system, based on K&A's experiences:

  1. The company made a decision to purchase a CRM system without having defined a clear set of management goals, and system requirements.
  2. The company has not implemented an effective sales management system for managing its sales and marketing functions. Many times the company believes that it will solve this management problem by buying a CRM system.  
  3. The company purchased the wrong CRM system because it did know how to manage the process of evaluating comprehensive packaged software. 
  4. The company did not staff, or manage, the implementation of the CRM system effectively.  
  5. The company's sales staff did not receive an acceptable amount of benefit from using the CRM system.