Salesnet CRM Services

Salesnet is developed and supported by Right Now Technologies. Our Salesnet CRM Services are tailored for each opportunity, and can include any of the following services.

Management Services

  • CRM Audit Services for help maximizing your company's use of CRM, or for deciding if Salesnet is the appropriate CRM product for satisfying your company's requirements.
  • Software Selection Services for help select and implementing a new CRM system
  • Web Site Services for help maximizing the effectiveness of your web site
  • Executive Coaching Services
  • Project Management Services

Application Services

  • Salesnet Application Consulting
  • Salesnet Application Training
  • Salesnet Integration Training
  • SalesnetData Migration

Technical Services

  • Server & Network Support Services for help supporting, upgrading, and tuning your operating system, network, and/or database manager
  • Custom Development Services
  • Salesnet Data Migration Services