CRM Audits

In today's business world, almost every company, of any size, has purchased some type of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In spite of the fact that CRM products have continually improved since the technology was introduced over 15 years ago, less than 25% of the companies that purchase CRM software are happy with the results of their implementation.

Under-utilized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software represents a tremendous amount of untapped potential for companies that desire to

  • Improve the management of their sales pipelines
  • Improve their ability to forecast their sales
  • Improve the management and effectiveness of their sales resources
  • Improve the ROI that they receive from their investments in lead generation marketing.

Most companies have invested a substantial amount of time and money in the implementation of their CRM system but they have failed to achieve their overall sales and marketing management goals.

In many situations these companies believe that they have not received an acceptable return on their investment from their CRM system. Additionally, they can be very challenged when deciding whether or not to make additional investments in either their existing CRM software, or in a new CRM software.

In some instances, when dissatisfaction reaches a very high level, it is a common reaction to conclude that this failure was due to the vendor, or software products selected, and then proceed to invest another substantial amount of time, resources, and capital to purchase a new CRM system, only to realize the same unsatisfactory results.

Our CRM Audit Services are targeted for companies that want to dramatically improve the return on investment, and related software usage, that they have received from their investment in their CRM system. These services are helpful in situations where our clients desire assistance to accomplish any of the following needs:

  1. Audit the current usage of key software applications
  2. Determine if the existing software applications should be replaced or upgraded
  3. Significantly improve the usage of existing software applications
  4. Evaluate the purchase of new software applications
  5. Develop focused training plans for remedying declining application knowledge of key software users due to staff turnover
  6. Develop an on-going Plan that plans for making future investments, and the decision making criteria for making these future investments.

Our IT Audit Services are tailored to each opportunity and can include any of the following services.

  • Defining scope of Audit Project.
  • Review of overall Management Priorities and Expectations with the Executive Team.
  • Audit of current software usage.
  • Assessments of current staff.
  • Assessments of current processes and procedures related to the scope of the Audit.
  • Interviews of selected managers and key software users.
  • GAP analysis of the current processes and the current management expectations.
  • Written Management Summary that includes Observations, prioritized Recommendations, and an initial draft of an Action Plan for implementing the Recommendations
  • Presentation of Observations, Recommendations, and Action Plan to the Executive Team.
  • Assistance with the implementation the Action Plan approved by the Executive Team.