Why Sales Managers Fail

Based on K&A's 20+ years of recruiting, managing, and coaching sales managers, K&A believes that only 1/3 of the people that are put into a sales management role end up being successful in the role.

Here are the top 5 reasons that most sales managers fail (approximately 2/3), based on K&A's experiences:

  1. Neither the company, nor the individual, understand the sales management role that the individuals got "pulled' into. Additionally, the individuals did not have any prior interest, or experience, functioning in a sales management role.
  2. The company has not developed, or implemented, an effective sales management system, nor have they defined how they want the sales reps to do their jobs.
  3. The sales manager(s) do not manage their time effectively. They spent too much time performing administrative tasks in the office, and spend too little time training their sales reps in the field.
  4. The sales manager(s) do not know how to motivate their sales reps, nor hold them accountable.

  5. The sales managers fail to manage an on-going pipeline of sales rep candidates.

    K&A defines "sales manager" to be the company's executive, or manager, that is responsible for managing the company's sales resources. The titles that are used by most sales managers typically do not accurately describe their role.