Why Marketing Plans Fail

Based on K&A's 25+ years of experience successfully developing, and executing, sales and marketing plans, K&A believes that most companies do not understand how to successfully develop, and execute marketing plans.

Here are the top 5 reasons that most companies experience such a low success rate with their marketing plans, based on K&A's experiences:

  1. The company does not understand, nor has defined, what are the key components of an effective marketing plan. One critical aspect is effectively staffing its marketing management roles.
  2. The company has not effectively defined its target markets, and its product lines 
  3. The company has not effectively defined optimal sales processes for each of its target markets.
  4. The company does not track the actual results generated from each major marketing campaign, or each major marketing expense. 
  5. The company has not defined the sales and marketing terms that are consistently used by all members of its sales and marketing staff.

K&A defines "marketing" to be those activities that 1) generate sales leads, 2) create awareness of the company's name, 3) create awareness of the company's product line brands, 4) create company and product sales related collateral materials, and 5) maintain the company's web site.