Current Status of Sales World

Prior to the year 2000, most companies that provided quality products and/or quality services, enjoyed a good reputation, and maintained a good base of existing customers, could add a desired amount of new sales without being particularly effective at either sales and/or marketing. This phenomenon was primarily due to the fact that most industries had more aggregate demand for products and/or services than could be satisfied with the aggregate capacity that was available within each industry. Economists refer to this condition as a "Seller's Market".

Since year 2000, this phenomenon has been reversed, and most industries now have more available aggregate capacity than the current levels of aggregate demand. As a result of this global switch to a "Buyer's Market", the key factor for determining future sales success now depends on how effective companies become learning how to pro-actively market, and sell, their products and/or services to new clients, as well as proactively protecting and enhancing their current customer relationships. 

Many companies are extremely challenged learning how to develop effective pro-active marketing and selling skills because: 1) historically they did not need to develop these skills, 2) the difficulty acquiring, or developing, the required skills, 3) the difficulty managing the typically long implementation lead time that are required to develop these skills, and 4) the difficulty managing the short term demands to meet sales goals while implementing the required changes to their sales and marketing functions.

K&A's Business Development Services are targeted to help our clients acquire these sales and marketing skills.