Components of an Effective Marketing Plan

Based on K&A's 25+ years experience successfully developing, and executing, sales and marketing plan, below are the components that K&A believes are required for an effective marketing plan:

Sales and Marketing Planning Foundation Components   
  • Definition and consistent use of the Company's Sales and Marketing Terms
  • Definitions of the Company's Sales Territories
  • Definitions of the Company's Target Markets, Product Lines, and Targeted Account Profiles
  • Definitions of the Company's Optimal Sales Processes for each Target Market 
  • Definitions of the Company, and Sales Opportunity, Qualification Criteria
  • Maintenance of a centralized data base of all required Customer and Prospect Information 
  • Images used for the Company Logo, Company Tag Line, and Company Brands
  • Company images used on all signs, letterhead, business cards, web site page background, and email signatures  
  • Schedule of Milestones, and Targeted Completion Dates, used each year to develop the Company's annual sales and marketing plans
Marketing Plan Components
  • Overall Sales Plan by Target Market
  • Overall Sales Plan by Product Line
  • Overall Sales Plan by Major Account Group
  • Overall Sales Channel Plan 
  • Lead Generation Marketing Plan
  • Trade Show Plan
  • Advertizing Plan
  • Sales Collateral Plan
  • Web Site Development Plan
  • Marketing Resource Plan
  • Marketing Capital Expenditure Plan
  • Overall Marketing Expense Budget