Sales Management Core Training

Our Sales Management Core Training Session is offered jointly with Exsell, Inc. This one day Sales Management Boot Camp, can be scheduled, on demand, for individual clients either at their facility, at Exsell's office, or at a public facility.

This Boot Camp is designed for Business Owners, Executives, or Managers that are responsible for managing their company's sales function, and for Sales Reps that have been, or are being considered, for promotion into a Sales Management position.

Each person attending this Boot Camp will learn:

  • A proven system that will guarantee that they will hit their sales goals
  • Visual tracking techniques to monitor Sales Rep performance
  • Performance enhancers to maximize training results
  • Sales strategies to beat their competition
  • Coaching techniques that eliminates push-backs from Sales Reps
  • Compensation strategies to eliminate sales deficiencies
  • How to run their sales function like a business
  • A blueprint for their own Sales Command Center

Part 1 focuses on the foundation concepts and includes:

  • Program objectives
  • Sales Rep profiling
  • Recruiting Sales Reps
  • Compensation plans
  • Building sales momentum
  • Filling the sales pipelines
  • Establish a Sales Command Center
  • Client profiling
  • Sales strategies
  • Tracking sales progress
  • Sifting out profit in each sales opportunity

Part 2 focuses on the application of the foundation concepts and includes:

  • Coaching
  • Customizing your sales management approach
  • Managing the Sales Command Center
  • Conducting Go-to-the-Board meetings
  • Application of concepts to their company
  • Sales Play Book
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales performance enhancers

The investment required to attend our Sales Management Boot Camp is $495/attendee. K&A, and Exsell, offer a unique repeat policy that allows attendees to attend our training sessions a second time at no charge. Many of our clients take advantage of this policy because of the quantity and the quality of the information that we provide in our training sessions.