Sales Core Training

Our Sales Core Training session are offered jointly with Exsell, Inc. and are offered for the general public on a regular schedule at Exsell's Green Bay office. These sessions can also be scheduled, on demand, for individual clients either at their facility, at Exsell's office, or at a public facility.

Right Track is a business development and sales system that has been developed and field tested by Exsell during the past 14 years.

In this core training session, each student will learn how to:

  • Gain control of his/her sales cycles
  • Identify early in each sales cycle which sales cycles he/she can win and which sales cycles he/she cannot win
  • Separate himself/herself from his/her competition on something other than price
  • Increase his/her sales results by increasing his/her self-concept
  • Maintain control of the sales cycle from the approach to the closing
  • Avoid being an unpaid consultant by those buyers who shop but do not buy
  • Develop a common language to build their company's sales culture on

The Right Track training system consists of:

  • Session #1 includes three topics - Attributes of High Performance Sales People, What do I Have to sell?, and To Whom Should I Sell?
  • Session #2 includes two topics - Effective Sales Communication and The Right Track Sales Process Part #1
  • Session #3 includes one topic - The Right Track Sales Process Part #2
  • Session #4 includes two topics - Building relationships, and Review of the Rules

We offer two options for scheduling these Right Track sessions: 1) a condensed version of these sessions conducted in one day, or 2) each session scheduled on a different day (as an example, one session per week for 4 weeks).

The investment required to attend our Right Track session is $495/attendee. Note that K&A, and Exsell, offer a unique repeat policy that allows attendees to attend our training sessions a second time at no charge. Many of our clients take advantage of this option because of the quantity and quality of information that we provide in our training sessions.

See Training Schedule for a schedule of our training sessions that are available to the general public.