Sales Clinics

Our SALES CLINICS are offered jointly with Exsell, Inc.

"Reinforcement of Right Track System and the 21 Core Competencies of Successful Salespeople"

You now know the Right Track Business Development and Sales System, but you don't own it. Our Sales Clinics are designed to help you become strong in the selling process, so you stay focused on your desired result.

Sales Clinics are scheduled each quarter. During these Clinics, each attendee will have the opportunity to adapt the Right Track Business Development and Sales System to his/her concerns and challenges, as well as learning and reinforcing the 21 Core Competencies of Successful Salespeople. These sessions consist of adapting these concepts and skills through group discussions and role playing "live" sales situations.

The Core Competencies of Successful Salespeople include:

Destination & Compass

1. Has Written Goals
2. Follows Written Goals With Plan


3. Has Positive Attitude
4. Takes Responsibility
5. Strong Self-Confidence
Record Collection
6. Supportive Beliefs


7. Controls Emotions
8. Doesn't Need Approval
9. Recovers From Rejection
10. Comfortable Talking About Money
11. Supportive Buy Cycle

Exercise Program

12. Consistent Effective Prospecting


13. Reaches Decision Maker
14. Effective Listening/Questioning
15. Early Bonding & Rapport
16. Uncovering Actual Budgets
17. Discovering Why Prospects Buy
18. Qualifies Proposals & Quotes
19. Gets Commitments and Decisions


20. Strong Desire for Success


21. Strong Commitment for Success