Sales Audits


The sales function is the cornerstone of your business. It represents the front line for new business development and revenue production. It is an undeniable fact that how your sales function performs can make or break the success of your company, particularly in today's evolving extremely competitive global marketplace.

Since your sales process is fragile, relying solely on human execution, the potential for failure is great. How well does your sales team operate? Would you, if you were a prospective customer, do business with your sales team?

Even if your company is prosperous, is it possible there are gapping holes between your company's perceived level of success and the reality of missed sales opportunities.

Most companies readily institute a comprehensive financial audit to ensure strict adherence to your company's targeted financial policies, as well as to provide an effective system of accountability. An uncompromising commitment to this practice keeps your company financially sound and strengthens shareholder confidence. In the same spirit of insisting on accountability and commitment, why not audit and hold your sales department as accountable?

Similar to a financial audit, K&A's Sales Performance Audit provides an across-the-board assessment of the three crucial areas of any sales department: 1) assessment of the current sales staff (People), 2) an assessment of the current sales process(s) (Process), and 3) an assessment of the current sales management process and measurement metrics (Performance).

Our Sales Audit Services are tailored for each client and can include any of the following services. To be able to download overviews of these offerings please click on the appropriate service:

The recommended approach, schedule, and deliverables vary based on the requirements and scope of each audit.