Sales Advanced Training

Our Sales Advanced Training sessions are offered jointly with Exsell, Inc. and are offered for the general public on a regular schedule at Exsell's Green Bay office. These sessions can also be scheduled, on demand, for individual clients either at their facility or at Exsell's office.

Account Development Strategies is a business development and sales training system that has been developed and field tested by Exsell during the past 14 years. These sessions are useful for sales roles that require on-going account development activities. We recommend taking these advanced training sessions after completing the base Right Track training sessions.

In this training program, each student will learn:

  • Overview of offensive and defensive account development strategies
  • Offensive Strategy #1 - Aligning the Right People
  • Offensive Strategy #2 - Direct Strategy
  • Offensive Strategy #3 - Eleven Strategies to Redirect
  • Offensive Strategy #4 - Six Strategies to Divide and Conquer
  • Offensive Strategy #5 - Eight Strategies to Delay
  • Offensive Strategy #6 - Go/No Go
  • Defensive Strategy #1 - Five Strategies to Fortify
  • Defensive Strategy #2 - Attack Yourself
  • Defensive Strategy #3 - Blocking
  • Defensive Strategy #4 - Five Strategies to Contain
  • Defensive Strategy #5 - Eight Strategies to Expendable
  • Developing Playbook for Account Development Strategies

The Account Development Strategies training sessions are normally scheduled in three individual 2.5 hour sessions that are scheduled one session per week:

  • Session 1 includes four topics: Overview, and Offensive Strategies #1 - #3
  • Session 2 includes six topics: Offensive Strategies #4 - #6, and Defensive Strategies #1 - #3
  • Session 3 includes three topics: Defensive Strategy #4 - #5, and Developing Account Development Playbook

We also offer the option of scheduling a condensed version of these sessions conducted in a single day.