Recruiting System

Our Recruiting System has been developed in concert with Exsell during the past 14 years, and has helped many our clients have a dramatic impact on the success rate that they have experienced when hiring new employees, or recruiting new distributors or indirect Sales Reps. This System is particularly helpful when recruiting new Sales Reps, new Sales Managers, and/or new Customer Service staff.

Our Recruiting System is tailored for each client, and can include any of the following:

  1. Benchmarking a representative sample of the existing sales staff to help "clone" the current "Super Stars". This sample should include participants from three performance groups: top, middle, and bottom. This step will help define 1) the optimal sales roles to target, 2) the targeted requirements for each role, 3) what Assessments are useful to predict success in each role, and 4) the desired scores, for each targeted role, for each selected Assessment. Completing this step will also result in the development of an ideal hiring profile for each targeted role.
  2. Developing and executing a Candidate Generation Plan which can include any one of nine ways to generate recruiting candidates. This step can also include help writing job advertisements, if appropriate.
  3. Developing and executing a Candidate Evaluation Process. This step can also include the development of a Candidate Evaluation Score Card.
  4. Conducting periodic audits of the Recruiting System to insure that the on-going hiring objectives are being routinely met.

Typical steps included in the Candidate Evaluation Process are:

  1. Planning and conducting the initial telephone screen.
  2. Completing the initial set of Assessments.
  3. Planning and conducting the 1st Interview.
  4. Completing the second set of Assessments, if appropriate.
  5. Planning and conducting the 2nd Interview.
  6. Completing the 3rd set of Assessments, if appropriate.
  7. Planning and conducting the 3rd Interview.
  8. Completing reference checks and background checks.
  9. Completing each new hire.