As companies are forced to develop the management skills and experiences to become more proactive in their sales and marketing processes, many companies desire to accelerate this process by augmenting their internal skills and experiences by purchasing services from experienced external sources.

Our Marketing Planning Services can help our clients develop and implement plans to accomplish the following marketing goals:

  • Define which target markets that should be pursued
  • Define profiles of targeted clients
  • Define an approach to build and manage the prospect/client data base
  • Define which sales channels that should be utilized
  • Define which products and/or services that should be promoted
  • Define which marketing techniques that should be used to promote the targeted products and/or services
  • Define which lead generation processes should be implemented
  • Define which competitive strategies that should be employed

Our Marketing Products & Services are offered jointly with Exsell, Inc. and The Frantz Group, Inc., are tailored for each opportunity, and can include:

  • Marketing Process Audit Services - Targeted for companies that want to improve the effectiveness of their lead generation initiatives and processes.
  • Assessment Services - Targeted for companies that want to insure they have the right resources assigned to lead generation functions.
  • Planning Services - Assistance with planning and developing lead generation marketing plans, and defining ideal company profiles for the target markets .
  • CRM Products & Services - Assistance with selecting, implementing, and managing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and/or defining, loading, and managing a prospect database.
  • Call Center Services - Execution of the integrated marketing plan using topically intelligent Call Center resources on a centralized prospect database, hosted either by our customers or by TFG.
  • Education Services - Assistance with developing and executing the education plans and curriculums for the Call Center resources required to support the marketing plan.