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For most companies, hiring, developing, and staffing key roles such as Executive, General Management, Sales Management, Sales Reps, and Customer Service Reps, or building a network of distributors or independent Sales Reps., remains one of their most difficult challenges related to successfully growing their business. Developing a "system" for performing these functions well can, not only help to maximize the contributions of companies' most valuable assets - their employees, but also can facilitate the company consistently reaching its targeted growth goals.

We offer a comprehensive set of Assessments to help our customers change their traditional staff hiring, and development processes from being a "hit-n-miss art" to a "predictable science".

These Assessments are particularly helpful when hiring and/or developing Sales Reps, Customer Service Reps, Sales Managers, Executives, Distributors, and/or independent Sales Reps. For an overview of typical major types of sales roles used by our clients, see Common Sales Roles.

Our Staff Assessment Services are offered in concert with Exsell, Inc. and are tailored for each role being targeted for hiring or development. This extensive suite of Assessments has been assembled from multiple vendors and has been successfully field tested by Exsell, and K&A, during the past 14 years:

1. Measuring Behavior Styles:

The Managing for Success™ (MFS) and Success Insights (SI) Assessments measure personal behavior styles, and related emotions, to predict "how" people do things. This Assessment determines each person's score in four categories (Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance), within two styles (Natural and Adapted). There are nine report options available. Three report options are used for hiring purposes, and six report options are used for developmental and coaching purposes.

2. Measuring Motivations:

The Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values™ (PIVA) and the Workplace Motivators™ (WPM) Assessment measures "why" people do things. This Assessment determines and ranks each individual's scores in six categories (Utilitarian, Individualistic, Theoretical, Social, Traditional, and Aesthetic).

3. Measuring Emotional Clarity and Focus

The Attributes Index™ and the Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ (PTSI) Assessment measures and ranks 88 attributes related to each role to predict our "will" (emotional focus and clarity) to do things, and perform a role. There are report options available for 7 different roles: sales, sales management, customer service, leadership/management, general employment, healthcare, and roles requiring emotional intelligence.

4. Measuring Sales or Management Skills, and/or Techniques:

The Power Screen™, Sales Person Evaluation™, Sales Manager Evaluation™, and Sales Strategy Index™, measure current skill levels of Sales Managers and/or Sales Reps, and predict "what" the individual can do in either sales or management roles.

5. Measuring Problem Solving Intelligence:

The Wonderlic-Personnel Test™ (WPT) Assessment measures problem solving intelligence. We have found this to be an extremely important component of effective Managers and Sales Reps. This Assessment is commonly used by NFL football teams.

6. Measuring Sales Call Reluctance

SPS*Gold Call Reluctance measures the person's self promotion and/or prospecting abilities. This assessment is particularly helpful for sales roles that require a significant amount of "hunting" or prospecting skills.

Success in a sales, or manager role, is determined by the synergy of the right attitudes ("why"), the right behaviors ("how"), and the right skills ("what"). Good synergy in all three areas will likely produce "eagle" level of performance for sales, or management staff. Poor synergy will likely produce "journeyman" level of performance for sales, or management staff.

Our Assessments have been validated by extensive scientific research. Several are available in over 40 countries and 15 languages.