Business Development

Our Business Development Services are targeted for executives responsible for the management of their company's sales function. These services can be very helpful for 1) developing effective sales plans, 2) improving the hiring, management, and/or development of management, sales, and customer service roles, 3) defining and implementing effective sales processes, 4) improving sales pipeline management processes, or 5) improving sales management processes.

Our Business Development Services are offered in concert with Exsell, Inc.

Our Business Development Services are tailored for each client and can include any of the following services.

  • Compensation Plans Services

Upcoming Events (Wisconsin)

Executive Briefings:

  • Friday, 2/20 in Green Bay
  • Friday, 4/25 in Green Bay
  • Friday, 9/18 in Waukesha
  • 10/23 in Port Washington

Sales Rep Training:

  • Friday, 1/23 in Green Bay
  • Friday, 3/6 in Green Bay
  • Friday, 6/12 in Green Bay
  • Friday, 9/25 in Green Bay
  • Friday, 11/6 in Green Bay

Sales Management Training:

  • Friday, 5/15 i n Green Bay
  • Friday, 12/11 in Green Bay

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