Background Info - Shipping Systems

Shipping Systems are used by most manufacturing, and distribution, companies. They maintain a centralized database of all shipping and transportation information, and is typically used by the company's shipping and logistic functions.

For a list of applications that are typically available with many Shipping Systems, see Typical Shipping System Applications

Shipping Systems can also be referred to as Transportation Management Software systems. They can be utilized from individual freight carriers, or they can be purchased from third party software companies that support a wide range of freight carriers.

The major categories of freight carriers that companies can utilize include:

  • Small Parcel Carriers 
  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL) Carriers 
  • Full Truck Load Carriers 
  • International Freight Forwarders 
  • US Mail Service 
  • Rail Service

Shipping Systems are typically interfaced with the applicable freight carrier systems. They can operate either in a standalone mode, or they can be interfaced with the company's ERP System