Background Info - SharePoint Systems

SharePoint Systems are used by manufacturing, and distribution companies, that desire to improve their management of the following business functions:

  • Improve key business processes. Examples are Estimating, New Customer Setup, or New Employee Setup. They can also be used for managing HR processes like Expense Approvals, and Vacation Approvals. 
  • Manage the content of the company's Intranet, and/or Internet, web site 
  • Provide external access, in a secured and controlled manner, by the Company's Vendors, and/or Customers, to their applicable information that is maintained in the Company's Enterprise Management System 
  • Function as the Company's Document Management System 
  • Function as the Company's Executive Information System

SharePoint is a state-of-the-art IT tool set that is provided Microsoft. Specialized IT resources are required to develop, and/or, setup SharePoint Systems.

SharePoint Systems can operate, either in a standalone mode, or they can be interfaced with the company's ERP System, and/or the company's CRM System.

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