Background Info - EDI Systems

Electronic Data Interchange Systems are utilized by manufacturing, and distribution companies, who have customers, or vendors, that require the support of electronic ordering, and/or electronic payment, transactions. They typically include the use of a value added network, or a comparable web service, for the sending and receiving all of the electronic transactions between the trading partners. This system is typically used by the company's Customer Service function.

Companies that sell their products into these target markets typically have the need to support EDI:

  • Large Chain Stores in the Retail Market
  • Automotive Industry
  • On-Road Specialty Vehicle Market
  • Off-Road Specialty Vehicle Market
  • Railroad Industry
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Federal Government
  • Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Companies that process a significant number of freight invoices, and payments, also have a need to support EDI.

EDI Systems can operate either in a standalone mode, or they can be interfaced with the company's ERP System.

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