Sales Management Training

Learn Exsell's Proven Sales Management System
A one day Boot Camp for Getting Results
Sponsored by K&A and Exsell

Who Should Attend?

Business Owners, Executives, and Managers who are, or will be responsible, for managing their company's sales function, and Sales Reps who have, or are being considered, for promotion to a sales management role.

Why Attend?

Consider attending if you are experiencing any of these issues/frustrations managing your Sales Team:

  • Constant turnover in your sales staff
  • Sluggish performance of your sales team
  • Sales Reps who slash prices to get orders
  • Uncooperative or un-coachable Sales Reps
  • A sales team who refuses to "carry the ball" on their own
  • Difficulty setting or achieving your sales goals
  • Unpredictable, inconsistent, or fluctuating sales performance
  • Difficulty defining or assigning territories
  • Inability to spot performance problems before they occur
  • Difficulty deciding how much time to give to non-performing Sales Reps
What Are The Deliverables That I Will Receive From Attending This Session?
  • A proven system for running the sales function like a "business"
  • A proven system that will allow you to routinely meet your sales goals
  • Proven strategies for defining compensation plans
  • Blueprint for managing your Sales Command Center
  • Visual tracking ideas for monitoring sales pipelines
  • Performance Enhancers for maximizing training results
  • Sales strategies for beating the competition
  • Coaching tips for eliminating Push-Back from Sales Reps
What Is The Fee Required To Attend?

$495 per person to attend this one day session. This fee is required to be paid in advance.

Registration Includes Sample Of Our Assessments:

Registering for this session will include a complimentary sample from our extensive suite of Assessments. Total value of just this offer is $200.

What Are The Dates and Times For This Session?

This one day Sales Management Boot Camp can be scheduled, on demand, for individual clients either at their facility, at Exsell's office, or at a public facility. Note the minimum number of attendees required to schedule a private session is 6 people.

What Is Included In This Training Session

See Sales Management Training for an overview and agenda.