Sales Clinics

Part 2 Of Exsell's Right Track System For Sales Developement
Twenty Four 1½ hour Sessions
Sponsored by K&A and Exsell

Who Should Attend?

Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and Executives who are responsible for defining and managing their company's sales process. It is recommended that attendees have completed Part 1 of Exsell's Right Track training sessions.

Why Attend?

Learn how to apply Exsell's Right Track Sales Development System to "live" sales cycles. Additionally, attendees will learn how to reinforce the 21 core competencies of successful Sales Reps.

See Sales Clinics for a list of the core competencies.

What Are Samples of The Topics Covered
  • Negotiation Strategies Part 1
  • Negotiation Strategies Part 2
  • The Inner Game
  • Damage Control – Stalls/Objections
  • Pain Clinic
  • Goal Setting
  • Sales Call Control
  • Eliminating Head Trash
  • Decision Smoke Detector
  • Essential Questions
  • Setting Contracts
  • Sales Simulations & Exercises
What Is The Fee Required To Attend?

$2,000 per attendee for attending all sessions offered for a one year period (24 sessions). $199 per attendee for attending any individual sessions. This fee is required to be paid in advance of attending.

Companies have the option of scheduling private sessions, either at our facility or the company's facility. Private sessions can be scheduled for individual topics or groups of topics. The minimum number of attendees required to schedule a private session is 6.