Business Development

K&A has a current opening for a permanent, part-time Business Development Rep that can be located anywhere in the eastern 1/2 of Wisconsin. The planned compensation for this role will include a good hourly pay rate ($12/hr.) and a good bonus plan (starting each month at $20/lead and increasing by $5/lead for each group of five leads to a maximum of $50/lead). At the targeted plan for 20 hrs./mo. (15 leads/mo., the bonus amount that can be earned is $375/mo. At this plan, the effective pay for the role is over $16/hr. Note that K&A does not currently offer any employee benefits for its part-time roles.

Background of Role

K&A views the Business Development Role (BDR) role to be a very important role to K&A's success. As a result, K&A plans to hire a mature resource with strong skills, offer an attractive compensation plan for the role, offer a good training plan for optimally performing the role, both during start-up and on-going activities, and offer an opportunity for continuous personal growth. K&A desires that the ideal candidate be interested in working for K&A for an extended period of time.

K&A expects the optimal staffing of the role to result in a mutually beneficial long term relationship that offers the employee an opportunity to make increasing contributions to K&A's success, and, in return, receive increasing amounts of responsibility and compensation, and meaningful opportunities for continuous personal growth. Long term growth opportunities for the employee, in the BDR role, could include growing into the role of K&A's Marketing Manager. This could include hiring and managing other employees in the BDR role.

Overview of Work Hours

The BDR role will start out as a permanent, part-time role. K&A's initial plan calls for the role to work, an average, 20-30 hours per week based on a mutually agreed upon work schedule. It is possible, but not required, for the role to grow into a full time position. The majority of the work will be performed at the employee's home during regular business hours (8 AM - 5 PM, M-F). The planned work schedule will be reviewed each month, and the employee will have significant flexibility in the hours worked during each week.

Overview of Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the BDR role will be the generation of sales leads for K&A's Products & Services, and registrations for K&A's seminars and training sessions.

Initially these responsibilities will focus on performing outbound telemarketing calls to K&A's prospects and K&A's existing clients. In most instances, these telephone calls, to the targeted companies and targeted individuals, will follow the receipt of promotional materials sent by K&A either via letter, fax, or email, as part of K&A's on-going marketing campaigns. An example of K&A's marketing campaigns is our Quarterly Executive Briefings which are described on our web site under Upcoming Events.

Secondary responsibilities will include the maintenance of K&A's prospect data base using K&A's web based Prospect Management System (SalesNet), the maintenance of K&A's client data base also using SalesNet, the research of targeted companies and contacts typically by using the Internet, and providing input for developing/improving K&A's telemarketing scripts, marketing campaigns, and sales collateral materials. For an overview of SalesNet, please see

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