Anthony J. Kalupa has 40+ years of business experience, including 30+ years of experience working in the information technology industry. He succeeded gained an unusually broad range of experiences working in multiple industries, in spite of only working for five companies. Here are these companies, and his roles, in chronological order:

  1. 16+ years as founder and president of his own consulting company.
  2. 2+ years as VP - Sales & Marketing for The Lake Companies, Inc. a Infor Global Solutions (formerly MAPICS, formerly Frontstep, formerly Symix Systems, Inc.) software distributor and developer based in Wisconsin that sold its products and services to manufacturing companies. He played a major role in opening Lake's Milwaukee office, expanding Lake's territory to include Minnesota and Iowa, upgrading the experience level of Lake's new employee hires, and implementing a business partner program.
  3. 17+ years in a variety of sales and management roles with Effective Management System, Inc. (EMS) an enterprise management software developer, and service company that was based in Milwaukee, WI that sold its products, and services, to manufacturing companies, and distribution companies. He played a major role in EMS's overall growth and helping EMS becoming a publicly owned company.
  4. 7+ years in a variety of technical, and management roles with the Data Systems Division, a software developer and service division of A. O. Smith Corporation, an $800M diversified manufacturing company based in Wisconsin. A. O. Smith was a pioneer in developing the first commercially available MRP software product.
  5. 4+ years as a systems programmer with the 500 person corporate MIS department for State Farm Insurance, a multi $Billion insurance company based in Bloomington, Illinois.

Tony believes that his greatest accomplishment has not been achieving success in his career, but achieving success with his family, and with his health.

His past positions include Divisional President, Vice President of Sales, National Sale Manager, Sales Representative, Consulting Manager, Application Consultant, Application Programmer, and Systems Programmer. The majority of his client experiences involved helping over 600 manufacturing and distribution companies select and utilize enterprise management software to improve the management of their businesses.

His sales management experiences include building and managing a direct sales department of 30 people and a dealer/distributor network of 14 companies for a seventeen-state Midwest territory. Sales revenue goals and profit goals were met or exceeded in 17 of 20 years. He has extensive experience writing, modifying, and negotiating contracts.

Tony has had minority ownership in three companies that he has worked for, and has a majority ownership in one company. He held key management positions during the time frame when a private company used venture capital funding, and eventually went public. He has extensive experience with two startup companies. He also has extensive experience developing and managing compensation plans, software license agreements, and business partner agreements.

Tony was born and raised in Wisconsin, went to college in Wisconsin, and has lived in Wisconsin for all but 5 years. He has been married to his wife for over 43 years. They have two daughters (42 and 39) and three granddaughters (ages 3, 5 and 7).