Exsell, Inc.(Exsell), a professional services firm that has provided sales force development services to over 300 companies since 1990. Exsell is based in Green Bay, WI and helps companies implement "a continuous business and sales improvement process".

A summary of Exsell's offerings include:

  • Staff Assessment Services
  • Staff Hiring Services
  • Right Track Training Services for Sales Representatives
  • Maximum Sales Results Plus Training for Sales Managers
  • On-going Coaching and Development Services

Exsell started in business in 1990 as a franchisee for Sandler Systems Inc., providing training services for Sales Reps. After a significant amount of experience, Exsell noticed that that a segment of the Sales Reps they trained were not able to successfully apply what they learned in the sales training classes. In an attempt to isolate why this problem was occurring, Exsell began to assess the behaviors of the Sales Reps. This initiative was so successful that Exsell has continued to expand its suite of assessment tools. Use of these tools both insure that the Sales Reps have the natural talents it takes to be successful in the role, and also allows the training to be focused on each Sales Reps individual needs. Exsell added training services for General Managers and Sales Managers to its offerings in 1993.

Below is a summary of when assessments have been introduced by Exsell:

  • Behaviors (1991)
  • Attitudes (1993)
  • Skills (1994)
  • Attributes (2003)
  • Intelligence (2003)
  • Call Reluctance (2004)

See exsellonline.com for more background information on Exsell.