Professional Service Firm Specializing in Select Markets

Kalupa & Associates, Inc. (K&A) is a consulting firm that helps its clients learn how to grow sales in a predicatble, and profitable, basis, and/or how to use technology to achieve its managment goals. What makes K&A unique is the unusual combination of specialized business consulting, sales consulting, and technical services that we offer, and the uncommon business values, and reputation, that we have developed during the past 30+ years.

Don't be surprised by the amount of background information that is available on our web site. This information demonstrates one of our core business philosophies: helping our clients be as knowledgeable, and independent, as possible. This informaion should enable you to quickly determine how your requirements match up to our capabilites.

We also hope that using our web site demonstrates how we have succeeded in developing successful long term relationships with our clients, and with our network of Authorized Business Partners, referred to as K&A Associates.

We would welcome an opportunity to learn about your requirements, and to discuss how K&A could help you take your company to its next level of success.

Anthony J. Kalupa

Available Tool Kits

Our web site contains an unusual amount of background information that our clients find to be very helpful in evaluating our capabilities. This background information is contained in Tool Kits that are available under each major category of K&A's Offerings. As an example, you can find Common Sales Roles, and Common Sales Management, under our Business Development Services.

We Could Make a Great Team

We spend extra time during our sales process gaining an understanding of your company, and its requirements. and If we determine that there is a good match between your company's requirements, and our capabilities, we will tell you. We will also tell you if there is not an good match, and, if we know of another professional service firm that is a better match for your requirements, we will recommend them to you. If we mutually decide to work together, our goal is for you to receive $3 in "bottom line value" for each $1 of K&A Services that you purchase.